We ship using FedEx Overnight service. Meaning, when shipping is schedule  with you and it  leaves our facility, you get it overnight. This is in no way means if you order today you get it tomorrow. due to some unforeseen Secom stances.

shipping dates may be changed due to shipping delays from UPS. Updates will be sent via email & SMS (opt-in during checkout). All of our animals are shipped using UPS AD FEDEX. We reserve the right to hold shipping for weather and/or any other reason for the safety of the animal in transit. Cut off for same-day shipping.

If you are between 40f and 90f we can ship to your door if your arrival time by FedEx is 17 :.30  we will check safe shipping on a case by case basis AND IT MAY NEED TO BE HOLD FOR PICKUP AT FEDEX,UPS

If your night time low is 25-39f IT IS MANDATORY hold for pickup at the closest FedEx Ship Center. We will provide you with the address to coordinate a viable pickup option


Warning Be aware Due To The Complexity Of Live Animals, No Live Animal Order May Be Cancelled, Returned And OR Disputed.  If you have any questions regarding the conditions of use you may email us here All orders must be paid for in full before they can be processed and prepared for shipping. Money orders and personal checks will be required to clear through your bank before they can be processed and prepared for shipping.

When paying for your order with a check or money order please allow additional time for proper forwarding of your payment.  Normally, these payment methods will require an additional 10 business days to process. If you should elect either of these payment methods and have any questions, you can contact us.

When ordering through the mail, please make sure to include the following:

Personal Check or Money Order made payable to Next Generation Enterprises.

Complete shipping address making sure to include apartment number if applicable.

Phone number

E-mail address

The name, item number, and description of the item(s) you wish to purchase.

Please be sure that all handwriting is clear and legible, so as not to prevent the timely processing of your request.

Requested Cancellations or returns:

No live toads are returnable once they leave our facility. We raise Captive-bred toads only and do not risk any cross-contamination, therefore once a toads leaves our facility, it cannot be returned. We do have the right to make exceptions in extreme situations, however, live toads should not be purchased if you are not already prepared to care for them properly, having invested the time to educate yourself in the proper care of the new pet you are purchasing.

If a return is authorized OR an order is canceled once it is placed, a CANCELLATION FEE of 20% will be deducted from your total, as we are charged a fee when processing a return by the credit card processors. In addition, our live animal inventory, as well as website inventory numbers, must be adjusted as well.

All individuals engaging in a business relationship (for example engaging in a purchase or adoption) with toads for sale online at least 18 years of age or older.

You agree that you understand that toads for sale online, as well as, many other animals and reptiles have the ability to carry and transmit Salmonella and you should wash your hands after handling.

You agree to use your toads that you receive from toads for sale online for a bona fide scientific, educational, export, or exhibit purpose only.

You agree that you understand that Salmonella is a serious disease and that toads for sale online even if they are free of it now can contract salmonella at any time, and that it is not recommended to allow small children to handle toads unsupervised. You also agree not to hold toadsforsaleonline.com or anyone associated with toadsforsaleonline responsible for any death, sickness, or illness caused by any toads that may contain Salmonella.

Certain conditions must be met in order for us to Honor the Live Arrival Guarantee. DOAS rarely occur. If by chance it does occur, do not dispose of the animal! Please keep frozen as you need to send us pictures within 2 hours of arrival, and may be asked to send the animal back for verification.